The Original Crime Family : The Borgias
April 3, 2011 – June 16, 2013

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Fuck Yeah Lotte Verbeek

Fuck Yeah Juan and Cesare

The Borgias Caps

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My perfect world is ruined.

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I’m really disappointed. I waited impatiently for the trailer tonight! There was nothing. I am disappointed, but I hope it will not take long. I look forward to the trailer, images etc..

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just uploaded it! Juannn!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t understand anyone who didn’t find David Oakes’ portrayal of Juan Borgia to be completely brilliant.



Hope you’re all happy now that he’s gone. Watch how different the show will be without its sassy troll.

It actually broke my heart.

The way he believed Cesare was there to see him… his ‘tears’… 

Even Micheletto’s surprise… 

I think The Tudors changed when Anne Boleyn died, and I expect the tone of the Borgias will change without Juan. 

I also heartbroken !!  I hate fandoms! Stop please .. I hate reading the comments of those who rejoice. You share my opinion ?

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I see some tags, So you think that Lucrezia will kill Juan? I do not know, above all, I do not see what would be the reason. I rather think it will Cesare, no? What do you think? I feel that I am going to cry when he is going to die, seriously lol .. hm.

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