The Original Crime Family : The Borgias
April 3, 2011 – June 16, 2013

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I do hope to keep working and getting roles. For my own pleasure I’d like to look at as many different things as possible. I feel like I have a period drama now. But if something good comes up and it’s a 15th century drama, I mean, I’d do it. I know Cesare was not perfect. I know he was a dark soul and cruel at times, but I loved him.
- François Arnaud shares his thoughts on ‘The Borgias’ premature ending (via bigkuzdra)

My perfect world is ruined.

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Please, I’m not here to debate, but like everyone else, I am entitled to my opinion. Avoid comments hateful or otherwise don’t say anything if you don’t like. Thank you :)


Honestly, this new ruin the life of the fandom The Borgias. Yep, the remaining days. (until the last episode). We must stop giving bad news, because honestly, there is nothing official on twitter in my opinion. I was really shocked to read, but now I have to breathe and try to think POSITIVE, even though we all know that sooner or later the series will end shortly. I know, I too am so sad and I’ll cry at the end, seriously? Yes. I don’t want to believe in his message for now, I want a real OFFICIAL announcement on his part and not on twitter that will create chaos.  I don’t thus want to create the bulimic.


Oh a movie? Ok, why not, it’s better than nothing, right? But this doesn’t cover the rest of the historical events. If Neil goes through here, take note of what fans will tell you, yes, this is your show, but a fourth season would be great, because the series will truly be missed and the amazing cast.


I know it looks like a farewell message, but I wanted to say I love you all, the one and the other, and thanks to that, I’ve known people really formidales. Thank you to you to follow me and don’t stop foster the series continue! It needs to have its fourth season (or film). OMG. I think I’m gonna cry!





imagefuckyeahborgia replied to your post: I’m having a lot of Juan Borgia feels..

my bbbbb :(

I’m actually editing some pics of him.. and without noticing you can see how his smile faded throughout both seasons.. I want to cry..

That makes me so sad.. * cries *

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just uploaded it! Juannn!!!!!!!!!!