The Original Crime Family : The Borgias
April 3, 2011 – June 16, 2013

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"On Wednesday, July 15th, at six o’clock in the evening, Don Alfonso of Aragon, the Duke of Bisceglia and Donna Lucrezia’s husband, was attacked at the top of the steps before the entrance to St Peter’s Basilica. He was gravely wounded in his head, right arm and leg, whilst his assailants escaped down the steps to join about forty waiting horsemen, with whom they rode out of the city by the Porta Portusa. The duke, badly wounded, was carried to a room in the Torre Borgia, and there was carefully tended to prevent his dying from his injuries. But on Tuesday, August 18th, he was strangled in his bed at about eleven o’clock, and later on that same evening, his body was carried to the Basilica of St Peter and there deposited in the Chapel of Santa Maria della Febbre. Don Francesco Borgia, the Archbishop of Cosenza and the papal treasurer, with his household, provided the escort for the funeral procession. The doctors who had attended the dead man were seized and taken to the Castel Sant’ Angelo, together with a certain hunchback who had been accustomed to look after the duke, but after close questioning, they were soon released for they were innocent, and the man who ordered the deed was well known.

Her Highness Donna Lucrezia, lately of Aragon, left Rome on Monday, August 31st, with only a retinue of six horsemen, to ride to Nepi and there seek consolation and relief for her sadness and grief at the death of her husband.” 

Johann Burchard, At the Court of the Borgia, The Folio Society, 2002 edition, page 183. 

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