The Original Crime Family : The Borgias
April 3, 2011 – June 16, 2013

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Happy 31st Birthday, David Oakes! (b. October 14th, 1983)

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Anonymous asked: hi! please don't change!:) theborgiasita is changed with a new fresh start, fuckyeahfrancoisarnaud is changed and silenced, please at least you don't leave. Lova ya! sorry for sounding a bit desperate:/ just keep going:)

never NEVER never ! :)

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I think Holliday [Grainger, who plays Lucrezia] and I had a really strong chemistry from the start, and I just really enjoy working with her. She’s amazing and she has those great big eyes that you just want to stare into.
Poison. Tell me about poison. It kills with no hope of reprieve.